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OSContent - A Mass Content Extension for Joomla


OSContent is a Joomla extension designed for managing, adding, creating, and deleting articles, categories and menu links in bulk. OSContent is perfect and a wonderful time-saver if you need to quickly add content to a Joomla site.

We created OSContent for use at OSTraining, where we create tons of content. We add a new blog almost everyday and have added over 500 videos just during the last 6 months. We needed a reliable extension with some basic set of features, and that could work seamlessly with K2 (Pro version). We designed and built OSContent from the ground up.

OSContent is fastidiously updated and maintained because because we use it ourselves. Since it comes from the OSTraining team, you also know it comes with great documentation and support (Pro version).

We say our extensions are “people friendly” because we obsess over the details of their design, upkeep, and documentation making them easy (and even fun) to install, to use, and maintain.

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How to Create Mass Content in Joomla

OSContent - A Mass Content Extension for Joomla

OSContent is an extension for creating and deleting articles and categories in mass. You can even create menu items for the newly created content. It also comes with a WYSIWYG Editor (enable it within the options)

Why waste time repeating steps over and over again, when you can do the same thing with just a few clicks?

Why get the Pro version of OSContent

If you buy the Pro version of OSContent you'll get more features, plus faster and more advanced technical support.

  • Features
  • Create articles in bulk
  • Create categories in bulk
  • Delete articles in bulk
  • Create menu links in bulk
  • Create K2 items in bulk
  • Create K2 categories in bulk
  • Delete K2 items in bulk
  • Access & Support
  • Pro features
  • Pro downloads and Updates
  • Easy updates from the Joomla admin
  • Priority, personal support

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