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Getting Started with OSMeta

We created OSMeta because we couldn't find a metadata extension that was simple and usable enough for our needs.

OSMeta is ridiculously simple. Don't expect complicated features. Just expect it to be reliable and easy-to-use.

#1. Download and Install


You can download it directly from our site in home - just click the "Download free" button.


Go to Extensions > Extension Manager > Upload Package File > Upload the Package File by clicking Browse, then press Upload & Install.

#2. Using OSMeta via the Component Screen

You can go to Components > OSMeta and see an overview of all the content metadata on your site:


Underneath, you'll find the ability to add the metadata for every article on your site. This main screen allows you add 3 types of metadata:

  • Title: This title is shown in search engine results and in the browser. It should be no more than 70 characters long.     
  • Description: This description is not seen by users but can be shown in search engine results. This should be no longer than 160 characters.

There are filters at the top of this screen that allow you to drill down quickly to find a particular article on a large site:


#3. Using OSMeta via the Article Screen

You can also use OSMeta when writing content. If you're editing an article, click the "Publishing" tab and you'll see the metadata options.


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